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As you may notice as you drive by Urbana First United Methodist Church, located on the west side of Lincoln Square Mall, sadly, the iconic bell tower feature of our building is in need of essential repairs and restoration. Concerns about the bell tower’s long-term stability started to be raised a few years ago. Several area businesses have evaluated the need for repair. All are in agreement that significant work is necessary which is a major expense. We are committed to raising funds to meet the need for repair.  Urbana First is the longest continuous faith community in Champaign County. The Bell Tower was erected in 1927 after the original Church burned down.  The front vestibule, church office, parlor, fellowship hall , sanctuary and the bell tower were added at that time. Some members of the community can trace their family connection to the former church back over a century. The bell tower is a cherished part of the history of the Urbana Community. We are actively fundraising to Save The Bell Tower and exploring/applying for matching grant(s) to help meet the needs of this expense. 

Together, let’s ensure a community space for the next generation.

Bell Tower_edited.jpg

Thank you for your support!

UFUMC is a 501(c)(3) corporation and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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