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We strive to be a place where you can bring your heart and your mind to search for a deeper experience of God.  We hope that you will find a place of worship that reminds you that a new way of the heart is always available, that change for the better is always an option in anyone's life, and that love is more important than doctrine or systems.


We are seeking to be a Christ-centered community.  Our mission is to "Help people to get connected to our Lord, Jesus Christ, to one another, and to the community."


We commit ourselves to include all people in worship and it our ministries, working to create a community without barriers. We find all people to be of sacred worth and welcome everyone who joins us in seeking the love of God.  Following the example of Christ, we will know our circles of exclusion, and work to become a witness of love and peace for all.  Jesus takes the words of all the 613 Hebraic Laws and cuts them all to chase God's will, thus, cutting to the core of God's purpose for humanity

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