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URBANA FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH now has an Amplify Media account for you to use with your families or in small groups.

An Amplify Media membership will give you unlimited access to Amplify bible studies, inspiring videos, and kids shows.  You may also livestream, upload videos, and access thousands of reliable Christian videos for your families, small group, or individual study from any device, anytime, anywhere.  You can browse by topic, speaker, and writer.

Since we are limited to the number of memberships we can have under our church account, we are asking you to email  Shandra at the church office for instructions on creating your own account and login, which is free to those in the Urbana First UMC community of faith, both in person and online.

Amplify is an extension of the United Methodist Publishing House.  For more information on all Amplify Media has, 
please follow this link

Thank you for joining the Urbana First Amplify Media

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