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Small Groups

Paige is helping us to create small groups that are designed to keep our community connected with one another and with our own local setting.


Children's Ministry

Linda is working to help us care for the children in our community and help us maintiant a safe place for children. 

Bob Color.jpg

Youth Ministries

Bob is helps coordinate monthly gatherings for youth for Jr. & Sr. High School. He also coordinates the summer youth mission trip.


Women's Ministry

Felecia is the local United Methodist Women in Faith's President and coordinator for our Women's Ministry for our Community. 


Men's Ministry

Jorje help connect men in order to facilitate their growth and development in Christ.  He serves as our Men's Internet Community Coordinator. 

Happy Couple

We offer marriage enrichment opportunities for couple or persons seeking to get married at retreats and in partnership with "Marriage Encounter".

Happy Couple

We give couples an opportunity to do ministry together and we parnter with other groups in the community to help them grow together in Christ. 



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